About us
  • The (AV17) gallery, which was founded in 2011, in order to concentrate its activity on certain directions and focus more on educational activities, moved to new premises at Totorių str. 5 in Vilnius. At the new space the gallery will continue to present contemporary sculptures, installations, objects and conceptual jewelry, as well as photo and video art exhibitions.  Activity will be joined by various educational sessions such as lectures on contemporary art, meetings, artist-lead workshops, master-classes, etc.
  • Since its establishment, the (AV17) gallery has been pursuing its ambition to contribute to presentation and popularization of contemporary art in Lithuania and abroad. One of the most important principles of the gallery’s activity – collaboration both with established local and foreign today’s artists as well as emerging ones – will remain a priority. The (AV17) gallery cooperates with Lithuanian and foreign artists, galleries, art institutions and art academies located in Italy, Estonia, Germany, Great Britain, and Poland. For several consecutive years, the gallery has been implementing international exhibition exchange projects, in which Lithuanian artists are introduced to the wider public worldwide and foreign artists have the opportunity to display their works in Lithuania.
  • The gallery will not be limited solely to exhibitions at its new premises, but will continue to expand opportunities for cooperation with other artistic initiatives abroad and in Lithuania, as well as will continue to look for new ways to present the artists. (AV17) will also develop its activity outside of the gallery, by presenting contemporary art in unusual locations and in the spaces lacking of it. In the Lithuanian context, the gallery maintains the unique space focusing on the creative search in different arts.
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